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“The Other Side of Eden: A Queer Perspective”, written by Bay Area Playwright Robby Kendall, is a TWO-ACT PLAY ~ a retelling of the Book of Genesis.

In this ILLUSTRATED PODCAST, God relocates the Angels to Heaven where SHE begins HER six Days of Creation. By the end of the “fourth day”, God begins to weaken and become fearful of making mistakes. And if God makes a mistake, the Angels will not love her. To avoid an unforgivable error, God recruits her entrusted Angel, Ethan, to create Adam by following HER Creating Man manual. When Ethan is tasked to create Adam, Ethan expresses his FREE WILL and inadvertently creates a lover for himself.

“Eden” explores many issues we face today, including gender scripts, dating scripts, religion, destiny, communication, mental health, social-relatedness, free will, societal pressure, identity, orientation, and, above anything, LOVE.

Donation ~ $20.

Thank you for your support and donation. Enjoy the show!

Victoria Place, a queer soap opera

CAST: “Narrator” ~ Raissa Marchetti-Kozlov; “God” ~ Debra Collins; “Ethan” ~ Benjamin Garcia; “Adam” ~ Tony Ortega; “Eve” ~ Rachel Cofsky.

Upon registration, you will receive a link to view the show at your leisure with your family and friends.

Victoria Place, a queer soap opera

The SEASON FINALE is coming soon! Episode 6 airs live via ZOOM Thursday June 3 & Sunday May 6. If you missed prior episodes, CATCH UP / GET HOOKED by clicking on the link below to access them.

Victoria Place, Queer Soap Opera
‘City of Hot Messes’


Victoria Place characters

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