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In this Biblical ROM-COM, God relocates the Angels to Heaven where she begins her Days of Creation. By the end of the “fourth day”, God begins to weaken and become fearful of making mistakes while creating Adam. And if God makes a mistake, the Angels will not love her. To avoid an unforgivable error, God recruits her entrusted Angel, Ethan, to create Adam by following the Creating Man manual she wrote. But when tasked to create Adam, Ethan inadvertently creates his lover.
“Eden” explores many issues we face today, including, but not limited to, gender scripts, dating scripts, religion, communication, mental health, social-relatedness, free will, societal pressure, identity, orientation, destiny, and, above anything, love.
Raissa Marchetti-Kozlov (“Narrator”), Debra Collins (“God”), Benjamin Garcia (“Ethan”), Tony Ortega (“Adam”), & Rachel Cofsky (“Eve”)

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